A downloadable Dungeon Crawler for Windows

This is my attempt at a simple top-down 2D game. The main mechanic here is the player's lightsource, which diminishes over time. You need to collect torches to keep the flame alive, while dodging the many ghosts and skeletons. In addition, you need to "discover" the dungeon exit to escape this pitiful world you've found yourself in.

One can only hope that the exit is only lightly guarded...

Controls: Cursor Keys move the Knight around the dungeon. These are also used in navigating menus, where the Enter key allows you to select a menu item. Spacebar throws a torch, which kills ghosts on impact. This ability reduces the Knight's torch power. Hold the 'M' key to see your minimap and ensure that you aren't running around in circles... Lastly, the ESC key takes you to the pause menu, where you can save and load your game, or give up and succumb to the darkness.

Good luck! Hope you enjoy - leave any comments on your thoughts please!

As far as I'm aware, this only works on Windows, and the game is 64bit.

I've released the code on GitHub, feel free to comment on how I can improve: https://github.com/s0lly/Dungeons-and-Flagons

This initial draft of this game was created for the 2018 OLC Code Jam Challenge: https://itch.io/jam/olc-codejam-2018 

I used this project to practice the following game design / programming techniques: Inheritance, Multi-threading, Main Menu system, Pause menus, Save / Load functionality, MiniMaps, Lighting, using Sprites, Sprite animation, Tile maps (I used heatmaps via Excel to generate the world), Powerups, Shadow Casting.

This was made using the Chili Framework: http://wiki.planetchili.net/index.php... - thanks Chili!

The idea to implement Shadow Casting was inspired by this brilliant video: 

Thanks to Eric Skiff (http://ericskiff.com/music) for his amazing music! Using the tracks "Come and Find Me - B mix", "Come and Find Me", "Ascending", and "Digital Native".


Dungeons And Flagons.zip 124 MB