A downloadable game for Windows

This game was created for the 2018 Shenanijam Challenge: https://itch.io/jam/bscotch2018

As far as I'm aware, this only works on Windows, and the game is 64bit.

Theme Used: Void Sandwich
The game has a collapsing area which crushes you to death. A sandwich of pain. You need to get as high of a score as possible before this happens, done by shooting the various "voids" that appear. The game last approximately 4 minutes. If you're lucky.

3-bit color palette
Just shapes

This is my attempt at an Asteroids-type clone, but with a few changes / additions to the original:
- the "voids" split into two when shot, increasing in speed as they are split - just like the original - but the number of splits that can occur is increased for a given "void"
- the gamespace is limited to within the blue walls
- however, the walls are collapsing / closing in on the player
- and if you touch them, you die
- the "voids" bounce off of the walls too, so the game area gets full pretty quickly!

Basically, the game is incredibly difficult and is impossible to stay alive anyway as the walls are closing in, so the objective is just to try get the highest score possible in the limited time-frame (about 4 minutes before the walls completely crush the game area).

Hope you enjoy - leave any comments on your thoughts please!

This was made using my barebones game engine created using the Chili Framework: http://wiki.planetchili.net/index.php... - thanks Chili!

Thanks to Eric Skiff (http://ericskiff.com/music) for his amazing music! Using the tracks "Underclocked" and "Searching".


AstroVoids.zip 51 MB